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10 February 2009 @ 08:32 pm
Struggling with anxiety  
Hi All,

I've been struggling with my anxiety for about year and a half now and since before i met my lover i was fine but i don't think its anybodys fault as those things just happen.

I am finding it hard to tackle my symptons:

My most common ones is faintness and dizzyiness.

but I do have other symptons like i cant breath, burning sensations, aching pains all over, feel weak at times and shaky, my legs do feel like jelly each day and i tried everything for my anxiety and it just comes bk even it does help at the time.

does anyone else have those symptons like I do as i don't want to feel alone in this as i still get worried, even thought i've seen a doctor alot and he tells me its anxiety and at times its hard to believe as its not like me really as i use to be 100% alot, but now I cannot be well like I use to be.

As i use to go college as i had to quit coz of my anxiety and now am stuck at home alot.

Leave me some comments plz as i need the help.

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