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02 May 2014 @ 11:00 am
question for OCD sufferers  
Hi. I've never posted in anything like this (I'm a very private person in terms of my personal life), but I figure maybe some of the members of this community could help me.

Name: J.
Anxiety Dx: OCD
Meds? If so, which?: NONE, had to stop meds recently due to other health issues
Alternative treatments? none
Therapy? none
Lifestyle helps? puzzles, TV, computer (online videos, fanart, etc.)
How are you feeling lately? not bad
What would you like from this group? support and advice

I've had it since I was in elementary school. The only problem I actually still have major problems dealing with is relaxing while reading certain materials (e.g., novels, fanfics). The thing is that: if I'm just skimming a fanfic or not actually reading a book from the beginning, but reading a section of it, then I'm relaxed & react normally (e.g., for fanfics- I react normally to funny fics, sad fics, & fics with mush). But, most of the time, when I'm actually reading the fanfic or reading the book from the beginning, I'm not relaxed- I'm pretty tense. I hope people understand the problem I'm trying to describe. In terms of reading books, I know I relax more if I'm eating/ drinking something while I'm reading (e.g., coffee shop). In terms of fanfics, I KNOW in the past I've been able to be very relaxed & I was able to read very fast. Also, in terms of fanfics: I'm pretty sure that if I were to take a break from fanfics/ the computer altogether & do other things, I'll become so anxious to get back to reading them that I'll be pretty relaxed (if you all know what I mean), but I don't know if it will help now that I've had to stop a medication for ADD. So, I was wondering: are there any OCD sufferers in this community who have this problem & do you have any advice as to how to be relaxed? I hope all of this makes sense. Thanks.

Edit: when I say "mush" in regards to fanfics, I'm talking about romance scenes
Edit: For fanfics, I would be mostly or always be reading them on the computer (not an iPad or Nook, or other such thing.
Update on OCD: lately (this year-2016), it's gotten a bit worse. Mostly, thinking/ doing certain things are bad.