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Anxiety Over 25

drop in at our clubhouse!

for old fogies with anxiety disorders
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This group is open to anyone over the age of 25 who suffers from any anxiety disorder, diagnosed or just suspected.

This is meant to be a little safe clubhouse for older people with these conditions. Absolutely no offense is intended toward younger consumers. Sometimes, we just need to talk peer-to-peer.

The rules: No suicide threats. We are not equipped to respond to emergencies.

Negative behavior (this includes vents, rants, and sarcasm) are off-limits. There are 5,643,647 other LJ comms out there for those purposes. Keep it positive, constructive, or at least neutral, or get warned.

Problems with other community members will be tactfully handled by mod 67stratocaster.

That's it. Three easy rules; and the rest is up to you. Enjoy.

Come on in, and find support and some good friends!

To get you started, here's an optional intro post:

Anxiety Dx:
Meds? If so, which?
Alternative treatments?
Lifestyle helps?
How are you feeling lately?
What would you like from this group?