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29 November 2008 @ 11:06 pm
Has anyone noticed any connection with posture and panic/anxiety?

Sometimes I sit in a big chair with large cushions that I sort of sink into. It leaves me a bit bent in half. I don't feel claustrophobic -- I can get up at any time. But seems that after a half hour or so in this particular chair I often get very close to panic. It maybe because the chair kind of cramps my rib cage against my abdomen -- not something I'm even conscious of at first, and at first it doesn't seem to be the cause of the panic, which just creeps up on me.
04 November 2008 @ 07:52 pm
Name: Aly
Age: 27
Anxiety Dx: GAD, PTSD (following an extremely traumatic birth experience 8 months ago)
Meds? If so, which? Zoloft + Klonopin.
Alternative treatments? None
Therapy? 2x/week
Lifestyle helps? Exercise definitely helps.
How are you feeling lately? Decent right now!  Keeping my head above water.
What would you like from this group? To connect with others who understand anxiety.
14 October 2008 @ 06:38 pm
What is a panic or anxiety attack?

I already know I'm anxiety-ridden and OCD to the max. But I'd never had anything I could call an "attack" until last year after a bike accident where I broke my ribs.

I was still healing weeks after the accident, and would have trouble breathing when walking up the stairs toward my office. I'd get lightheaded, and pant and gasp for air, and feel like I was going to pass out, get dizzy, and get tunnel vision. I assumed it was just physical symptoms of broken ribs and the pain that they cause when you try to breathe. It would go away a minute or two after I stopped to rest. It made me feel like a big fat out of shape injured slow loaf of crap.

However, there were anxiety triggering issues at work, not just medical issues going on in my life.

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So anyway that is my story. My question remains, what is a panic attack? Was I having them? How can you tell that it's not a medical problem?

Oh, and hi I'm new.
Name: Katy
Anxiety Dx: In college, I was diagnosed with severe depression and an mild anxiety disorder that I don't remember and OCD. Now, I'm diagnosed with mild depression and have no anxiety diagnosis, but I have never specifically been tested for one as an adult.
Meds? If so, which? I'm just coming off of Celexa and in fact having withdrawal symptoms still. I was also on Wellbutrin and the dose has just been increased.
Alternative treatments? Nicotine and booze. Sigh.
Therapy? Can't afford.
Lifestyle helps? What does that mean?
How are you feeling lately? Better, but not much. OCD and depression -- coping. Anxiety -- not so much.
What would you like from this group? People to put up with my long-windedness that results from having no one in my peer group who really understands this sort of thing and wont' be dismissive.
19 August 2008 @ 05:06 pm
Name: Paula
Age: 30
Anxiety Dx: GAD with some strong social anxiety symptoms.
Meds? If so, which? I'm currently trialling Buspirone (60mgs per day) and take clonazepam/klonopin as needed.
Alternative treatments? Kava (though I haven't taken any in a long time)
Therapy? CBT once a fortnight (it should be weekly, but my disability only pays enough for fortnightly visits)
Lifestyle helps? Exercise, making sure I get ample exposure to sunlight (seriously this seems to help a bit), catching up with friends, writing
How are you feeling lately? Pretty awful. I'm in a relapse phase, so not only do I have the massive spike in anxiety but I'm feeling very guilty that I 'allowed' it to happen.
What would you like from this group? Just to connect a little with people who understand anxiety issues.
16 August 2008 @ 07:43 pm
Name: Allie

Anxiety Dx: originally PTSD in 2005, but most recent diagnosis of GAD and OCD in early 2007.

Meds? If so, which? I've been on a bunch...hmm...as far as SSRIs/SNRIs - Zoloft, citalopram (generic Celexa), Lexapro, and Effexor XR, and some benzos - clonazepam (generic Klonopin) and temazepam, and trazodone for sleep. I'm 9 days off of 150mg daily Effexor XR and the withdrawal is enough to make me never take another psych med again. I am only currently relying on the clonazepam in overwhelming situations. Other than that, I'm done.

Alternative treatments? yoga, vitamins, good friends (and getting rid of the negative ones), and quitting my job in the middle of corn-and-cowville and moving back to the city to be with my loved ones daily. Carrying pepper spray.

Therapy? weekly CBT with the best darn therapist in central Pennsylvania. Cut ties with my psychiatrist over the Effexor issue.

Lifestyle helps? see alternative treatments I guess.

How are you feeling lately? Super crappy. Effexor withdrawal is hell. I am sure that everyone here is intelligent and does their homework before they take medications (unlike me) but I really would advise anyone to avoid Effexor like the plague unless you feel it's the only thing that will help. Just get comfortable with the idea that you're either going to a) be on it forever, or b) go through a period of absolute hell when you come off.

What would you like from this group? Share experiences. I'm making the jump from a heavily sedated fuzzy head medicine cloud to relying solely on my support system and what I have learned so far in therapy. Anyone who has done the same, your advice/experiences would be much appreciated.
10 August 2008 @ 12:31 am
Name: Riley

Age: 26

Anxiety Dx: agoraphobia, borderline personality disorder, clinical depression, and a physical aliment that has left me disabled.

Meds? If so, which? No pills for my mental illnesses at the moment. My doctor moved his practice 45 miles away and the thought of being in a car for that long makes me break out into hives. :/

Alternative treatments? Does only leaving the house to cash my check once a month count as an "alternative treatment"?

Therapy? We have therapists in my town but you have to be referred to them and my old doctor won't refer me until I go the 45 miles to see him.

Lifestyle helps? Having friends over, chatting with friends online, writing, listening to music, and sleeping.

How are you feeling lately? Like complete crap. And my family's unwillingness to understand what's wrong with me and their constant judging and name calling isn't helping either.

What would you like from this group? Advice, other people to talk to about my condition.

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09 August 2008 @ 11:09 pm
Name: me, age 32.

Anxiety Do: hahaha. can i just say "everything"? seriously. bipolar, agoraphobia, dyslexia, adhd, generalized blah blah blah and ten more things they haven't gotten to in their medical dictionaries yet. give them time, they'll get them all.

Meds: no. presently can't afford. seeking to remedy that in a... lets say... mostly agoraphobic way. i'm hoping that maybe they'll come to me, i guess. maybe when i finally fall the rest of the way down this rabbit hole they'll have to drag me out of my home kicking and screaming and i'll be on the news!

Alternative treatments: alternative to nothing? hmm.

Therapy: had it in the past but was frustrated with it. i was set up for an appointment after the last time i was in the emergency room a few months ago (long story) but didn't have the $45 copay. if it hadn't been for that i probably would have actually gone because i was beyond desperate.

Lifestyle helps: isolation. i wouldn't wish me on anybody.

How are you feeling lately? guess.

What would you like from this group? increased odds of not becoming a complete mental vegetable. i don't know what i'd do without the internet.
09 August 2008 @ 09:48 pm
Name: Rebecca
Age: 25
Anxiety Dx: No formal diagnosis.I suffer sever panic attacks with heart palpitations and such. I have pretty powerful social anxieties sometimes. A general everyday feeling of anxiety has seemed to get worse over the past few weeks. I also have lots of health-related anxieties even though I'm perfectly healthy. I was diagnosed with depression in my teens, but I'm not depressed now. This is different, and has been going on at least for the past 4 years.
Meds? If so, which? No meds. I've been offered Valium and Xanax a few times during really stressful situations (I guess they noticed how unhinged I was).
Alternative treatments? Sometimes will have a glass or too of wine before embarking on a social situation I don't want to be in.
Therapy? I'm waiting to get some insurance stuff taken care of before I start. But I'm aiming to start. Of course, though, I'm anxious about not being able to find a good therapist.
Lifestyle helps? Breathing. Tea. Writing. Exercise. Watching the Office. Listening to Belle and Sebastian.
How are you feeling lately? Today and yesterday, mostly normal. The past few weeks have been a bit rough. My head was constantly a-buzz and racing, I could barely get through any social situation and tried to avoid most of them. But even avoiding them didn't help, because it felt like my brain was constantly "on". Couldn't really relax until last night.
What would you like from this group? To meet other people who understand what I'm going through.
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09 August 2008 @ 07:00 pm
Name: Becky!
Anxiety Dx: Gah. GAD, OCD, PTSD, Panic-Disorder, Social Anxiety.
Meds? If so, which? Paxil and Xanax
Alternative treatments? Nope.
Therapy? Working on CBT.
Lifestyle helps? Exercise actually makes me feel a lot, lot better. Not exactly a lifestyle, but there you go.
How are you feeling lately? Honestly? I feel *damn* good, lately. My medication's working, I'm sleeping at night, I'm voluntarily leaving the house. This is the best I've felt in 10 years.
What would you like from this group? Just somewhere to talk to other people with anxiety issues.
09 August 2008 @ 02:40 pm
Name: Erica

Anxiety Dx: Agoraphobia/ Panic Attacks

Meds? At the moment I'm stopping Zoloft, the side effects are a bit much to deal with. I recently had to stop taking Citalopram because I am allergic.

Alternative treatments? None

Therapy? Just starting this Wednesday.

Lifestyle helps? Nothing yet.

How are you feeling lately? Not too great.

What would you like from this group? Support and friendship.
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